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Seqota Declaration

Seqota Declaration (SD) is the Ethiopian Government commitment unveiled in July 2015 to end stunting in children under two years by 2030 (G.C). Seqota Declaration, that builds and support the National Nutrition Program, has a 15 years Implementation Plan (road map) that provides strategic guidance to be executed in three phases namely innovation, expansion and scale up phases. During this phase proven high impact evidence based and innovative interventions will be tested to generate learning that will be expanded and scaled up throughout the country.

Vision, Mission, Goal and Strategic Initiatives

Vision: We aspire to see Ethiopia’s children be free from under nutrition

Mission: We will work to end stunting in Ethiopia for children under two years through effective coordination and collaboration of sectors, communities and our development partners, focusing on high impact nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions and social behavioral change communications with special consideration for crosscutting issues such as gender mainstreaming, environment and integrated community development approach.

Goal: To end stunting in children under two by 2030

Strategic Initiatives: SD innovation phase investment plan has ten strategic objectives and 50 strategic initiatives to which all stakeholders (government sectors ministries and regional bureaus, development partners, the community and technical partners) contribute resources to achieve the goal.

Phases of Seqota Declaration

Seqota Declaration Implementation Plan (road map) is divided into three phases namely innovation, expansion and scale up phases. During the innovation phase proven and high impact evidence based and innovative interventions will be tested to generate learning that will be expanded and scaled up throughout the country.

Sectors and Development Partners

Seven sectors at federal and regional levels are primarily responsible for SD innovation phase implementation. These are Health, Agriculture and natural resources, Education, Livestock and Fishery, Water, Irrigation and Electricity, and Women and Children affairs. Forestry, Climate Change and Environment Ministry is at the initial stage of engagement at federal level. In addition development partners, community based organizations and the community will contribute their part during implementation.

Seqota Declaration Innovation Phase

Seqota Declaration innovative phase is divided into two. The first part is preparatory period (2016 – 2017) and the second part is implementation period (2017-2020) where this comprehensive multi-sectoral costed nutrition sensitive, nutrition specific and infrastructure interventions will be implemented. The main approaches for Seqota Declaration are innovation which includes program delivery unit, establishment of a community labs, a robust nutrition data management systems, an agriculture innovation and technology transfer centers (AITEC centers), costed woreda based comprehensive nutrition investment plan (One Plan). In addition the first 1000 days plus social movement and government leadership and coordination at all levels are key implementation approaches. The Federal and two regional PDUs are responsible for the technical leadership and performance management of the implementing sectors and development partners. The Food and Nutrition Councils at federal and regional levels will provide overall strategic guidance.

The innovation phase will be implemented in selected high stunting prevalent woredas in Amhara national regional state (26 woredas) and Tigray regional states (6 woredas) along the Tekeze River Basin.


Region Woredas Total Population Total Households Total Under Twos PLWs Stunting Prevalence*
Amhara 26 3,202,486 762,497 165,019 108,323 Over 50%
Tigray 6 807,605 192,303 53,306 27,461 Over 50%
Total 32 4,010,157 192,303 213,325 135,784 Over 50%


Program Delivery Units

The government of Ethiopia has established Federal and Regional Program Delivery Units (PDU) in 2017 to coordinate the implementation of Sequta Declaration road map. The Delivery Units are responsible to mobilize sectors and partners to set a multi-sectoral government and partners costed investment plan to end stunting among children under two years in the country. The Federal PDU seats in Addis Ababa and the two regional PDUs are stationed in Bahir Dar and Mekele respectively. Each PDU is staffed with multi-disciplinary technical leaders (refer the list of contacts). The major roles of the PDUs are coordinating and providing technical assistance to the sectors and partners during the investment plan planning and implementation process, manage sectors and partners performance using performance management tool and engage with decision makers to secure support for resource mobilization and effective implementation of the Seqota Declaration innovation phase investment plan.


The total investment cost needed to implement the three years SD innovation phase investment plan is $538,718,444. Out of the total amount 17.3 % is currently funded by the government and community, 14% implementing partners, 17.0% donors’ contribution through government and the rest 51.7% is a funding gap that needs to be funded by the government and development partners.